Thursday 26 Apr 2018

Gerber Daisy Centerpieces: Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Browsing through sites like Pinterest and, we see so many different centerpiece ideas, but which is the right one for your day? Centerpieces and table décor can really add up as you try and cut costs with your budget, especially when planning a wedding with a larger guest list. Gerber daisy centerpieces are a great type of decoration for an array of wedding styles and themes. We’ve compiled some of the top 2013 trends for wedding and added some daisy-licious flair. Check them out!

Gerber daisy centerpieces

Modern + Simplistic:

If looking to go modern, a simplistic idea for your gerber daisy centerpieces is a great choice. We love the dozen daises stood up inside of a glass container complete with corresponding ribbon colors around the bouquet and the glass container. It pulls in the colors and wedding style perfectly.  Set the mood for your elegant reception with tea light votive, shown here. Simplicity is key when planning a modern themed wedding. These Gerber daisy centerpieces do the trick!

Gerber Daisy Centerpiece

Versatile + Affordable

One of the great things about Gerber daisies is the array of ways that they can be used for your centerpieces. Most daises are at least 4-5 inches in diameter, thus taking up a larger space at your table. Your centerpieces easily look complete and put together with just a few of these beautiful blooms. Add them to various shaped vases or containers and add colored sand, water, or even fruit to have them match your wedding style, theme, and colors.

Gerber Daisy Favors

Favors + Centerpieces

Part of your wedding budget should include not only the centerpieces, but take home gifts for each guest as well. This can be something small and affordable, but it’s a nice token of gratitude to show your guests how much you appreciate them being present on your special day.  If you’re looking to have gerber daisy centerpieces, why not use them to double as your wedding favors as well? Shown  here are mini-cardboard boxes with a daisy on top. The boxes can be set in the middle of the table as a centerpiece with one for each guest (or family) to take home afterward. It serves two different purposes, both beautiful and affordable!

Planning your wedding is such a fun time for all involved. If you’re on a budget or looking for some fun, colorful style additions to your wedding day then embrace the versatility, affordability, and beauty of Gerber daisies. These can be used for various wedding styles, locations, and budgets. Happy Planning!


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