Chic & Easy Tutorials: How to make a bridal bouquet

How to make a bridal bouquet

We know that there are many, many diy wedding flower guides out there. There are probably already over 100 easily found tutorials on how to make a bridal bouquet alone! But quite honestly, we’ve got a bone to pick with some of them. Some are sooo overly complicated its enough to put you off ever even touching a bouquet of fresh flowers for the rest of your life. And others were created so long ago that its unlikely that the prospect of creating a bridal bouquet from circa 1995 is ever going to fire up anyone’s creative spark.

Which is quite unfortunate, because we know how fantastic a diy bridal bouquet can turn out. And how easy it can be to make. But also how intimidating it can seem if you’ve never done it before.

So, in our quest to spread our love of do it yourself flower bouquet creation to the entire world, we’ve created Bella’s ‘Chic & Easy Tutorials’  Series starring our ‘zero-diy-flower-experience’ accounts receivable rep Kristin.

Zero flower experience you say? Exactly, zip, zilch, nada. As a number cruncher, Kristin’s a zen master, but even after over 5 years working in our adjacent office, she admittedly wouldn’t know the difference between a gerbera and a snapdragon. Like the majority of our brides seeking to do their own wedding flowers, Kristin is NOT a floral professional. Neither is she a wedding planner, artist, experienced crafter or master-stylist.

For this bridal bouquet tutorial, we sent Kristin out into the field with our trusty photographer, a bunch of ranunculus, a bunch of fiddlehead fern and a bunch of seeded ranunculus. Here’s what she reported:

How to Make  a Bridal Bouquet:

Step 1. Gather Supplies (Flowers, scissors, rubber bands, ribbon)
Bridal Bouquet Supplies
Step 2. Remove leaves from flowers
DIY Bridal Bouquet
Ranunculus Flower Bouquet
Step 3. Start putting the ranunculus together in your hand
DIY Bouquet Tutorial
Ranunculus wedding bouquet
Step 4. Add the greenery
Bridal bouquet greenery
Step 5. Use rubber bands to keep the bouquet tight
Wedding Bouquet Tutorial
Step 6. Wrap the stems with ribbon starting at the bottom of the stems and make sure to cover the rubber bands
Wedding bouquet ribbon
Step 7. Tie a knot or bow at the top
How to make a wedding bouquet
Step 8. Trim the ends of the stems so they are even
DIY Bridal bouquet
Step 9. The final bouquet! I love it! If I can do it, anyone can!
Tutorial Bridal Bouquet
Cheers, Kristin xo


We think it turned out fantastically! What do you think?

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