Hydrangea colors for your wedding

hydrangea colors

Prospective brides who desire a colorful display in sweet colors will surely find Hydrangea colors enchanting and suitable for their dream wedding. Hydrangeas are also known as a thousand flowers or milflores in the east. Imagine thousands of flowers bedecking the aisles of your venue and on your attendants’ gowns and hair during your wedding for bursts of pastel and creamy colors everywhere you look.

Hydrangea colors can differ even in the same plant because the flowers change colors when the shrubs are planted or transplanted. The plants produce flowers that adjust to new environments, the soil’s pH levels, and the soil’s composition such as the presence of aluminum, which make the flower colors slightly different even if they came from the same stem or the same plant family.

Hydrangeas are elegant and beautiful as accents in weddings, or they can be the theme for the entire ceremony and reception. They can be used in arrangements, bouquets, or even to decorate cakes. The large clumps of tiny flowers can really look enchanting in bridal bouquets as hydrangea colors combine well with light-colored flowers such as orchids and roses.

Hydrangea Colors

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