Wedding Flower Trends for 2014 – part 2 (popular wedding flower colors)

Popular Wedding Flower Colors
While last week`s article focused most exclusively on themes for 2014 weddings, this week we take a look at the Popular Wedding Flower Colors for 2014 Weddings… While the trendy colors in the past few years have been pale and neutral, 2014 is seeing a resurgence of bright colors. By pairing vivid color palettes with lighter tones found in nature, 2014 weddings are alluding to organic beauty, sunshine, fresh summer days and watery calm nights.

#1- Blue: The number one most popular color for 2014 seems to be blue in all its shades: Majolica blue (a deep, navy blue), teal blue, turquoise, ice blue cobalt blue, royal blue….any blue goes for this year`s weddings. Combine your blue with other blues for a watery elegance, match your blue with pink for a vintage feel or combine your blue with grey for a wintery tone to your wedding. For summer weddings, teal blue with bright orange is ideal to bring your blue theme to life.

Blue flowers that you may want to include in your wedding are: blue hydrangea, delphinium, cornflower, blue thistle and blue and orange birds of paradise. Since not that many natural flowers are blue, you may want to go for one or more of the many dyed blue flowers. Just be careful about staining clothing; keep the blue flowers dry and away from fabric. Blue succulents are perfect for modern and Zen centerpieces. Blue chrysanthemums, gerberas, and blue rainbow roses are striking and very attractive.

#2 Plum: Dark purple is still trendy this year since it sets the tone and inspires elegant soirées. Combine plum with dark red blackberry or boysenberry for the ultimate in dramatic elegance. To tone it down a bit, you may want to include light pink or silver with your plum for a softer edge to a dramatic color scheme. Plum calla lilies, purple roses, cymbidium or lady slipper orchids and wine dahlias are the perfect flowers to bring your dramatic plum wedding to life.

#3 Greens: Organic and green eco-weddings are the inspiration and the motivation behind green themed weddings. Try mint green with brown or lime green with pink. Popular naturally green flowers include lime green roses and hydrangeas. Cymbidium and dendrobium orchids are other über elegant green flowers. Succulents and purple and green kale are modern funky flowers that can bring fun to your green wedding. And don`t forget the fillers such as green millet, green mist, green and brown hypericum berries and mixed greens.

These are the trends, themes and flowers that will be popular in 2014. That being said, your wedding is your time to shine! Choose the flowers, the colors and the theme that suits you and will reflect you and your partner`s personalities perfectly. This is your time to shine and create your own personal theme and style. Take a chance, have fun with it and everyone will truly enjoy discovering the new Mr. & Mrs. through your own personal theme and personal stamp.
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