Red wedding flowers – did you know there were so many?

Red wedding flower

In preparation of upcoming valentine’s day, we’ve got red flowers on the brain! Roses, hearts, sparkles, kisses and more roses. Red roses, roses, roses. We’re beginning to think that other types of red wedding flowers need some love too!

So we created the following handy guide to red wedding flowers (yes, there’s roses in there too, I know).
Red Wedding Flowers

Valentines’s Day and Christmas Brides for 2014, get ready, take your pick…research shows that red wedding flowers are most popular for these two wedding dates (pretty unsurprisingly).

Red says love, passion, strength, sultry beauty, demands attention and captures our gaze. Although a bouquet of dark red Black Magic roses is a no-fail, our favorite red flower trend of the moment is the color combo Red, Navy and White. Think a gorgeous alabaster white cake topped with blueberries and raspberries. Yes, those red, navy and white shades. Almost good enough to eat!

Or, try a more retro approach to red with lots of ruby red lipstick, sleek black cats-eye liner and full lashes and a large red wedding bouquet against a white, white dress and dare we suggest red wedding day heels?

Just think of all the gorgeous red accessorizing that could be going on… red bridesmaid dresses, red flowers in the hair (think sultry, spanish flamenco style, tucked behind one ear of a low chignon), all the delicious types of red fruits, cocktails, even a cream through red ombre cake that we once saw that was breathtakingly gorgeous!
Need more ideas on red flowers for weddings? Take a look and sort by color on the left.

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