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Wedding Flower Trends for 2014 – part 1

Wedding Flower Trends 2014
Wedding Flower Trends for 2014: Part 1

If you are a bride getting hitched in 2014 or if you are helping a close friend or family member plan their wedding, you will probably want to decide on a theme to set the tone for your special event. While researching the most popular wedding flower trends and themes for 2014 we have come up with themes and colors that will help you design a trendy and fashionable wedding setting. This week we will be exploring prominent themes for this year`s weddings while next week we will be delving more deeply in the colors that will bring your 2014 special event to life.

Popular Wedding Flower Trends for 2014

1) Elegant Themes
If you want to make a grand statement for your wedding event, this is your year to shine! Start by choosing a dramatic setting with high ceilings and interesting architecture. Think glamour all the way with oversized centerpieces, color lighting, and modern bouquets as well as an artistic, fashion inspired wedding cake. Plum is the color of drama and so, richly warm and regal purple paired with bright citrus yellow or orange is very fashionable for 2014. Think purple and orange or yellow callas, roses or birds of paradise. Go all out with your dramatic wedding by concluding the ceremony or reception with fireworks to crown your special event with a big bang!

2) Romantic Themes
Romance is always the perfect theme for weddings and there are a few 2104 wedding color themes to help support this theme. Plum or dark blue with light pink, dark pink and silver is an ideal combination to set the tone for romance in 2014. For the bride who loves lush flowers and wants to create a serene and soft look for her wedding, a variety of flowers are in order. Roses, freesia, calla lilies, ranunculus and lilies and lisianthus are ideal flowers for romantic themes along with accents of baby`s breath, Queen Anne`s Lace or Stephanotis

3) Green Weddings
Eco-friendly weddings will be more fashionable than ever in 2014. Natural weddings with rustic looks and organic tones are definitely in fashion for this year`s weddings. Try succulents, roses, hydrangeas, lily of the valley and kale to set the tone for your eco wedding and don`t forget to include a variety of greens to reinforce your green theme. Country weddings would also fall under this category featuring rustic barn hoe-down weddings featuring sunflowers, chrysanthemums and anemones.

4) Symbolic Weddings
Weddings are ceremonies binding 2 people as one couple and so, symbolism is seeing a comeback in 2014. Lighting candles and including mementos of deceased important people in your life that you want coming to your wedding are increasingly popular. For natural and beach weddings, a sand ceremony where the 2 people pour sand into a container at the same time to symbolise 2 people coming together may be in order. You could add symbolism to any theme of wedding but 2014 marks the year of going all out with symbolism. Think adding a brooch from your long gone grandma to your wedding bouquet, using his grandpa`s cuff links and using vintage family pictures in clear votives and lighting them up for the reception with battery candles.

5) Quirky and Fun Wedding Themes
Clever and fun novelty ideas are coming to life more than ever in 2014. Go all out with an unusual wedding theme that reflects your style and couple’s personality. Think Roaring 20`s à la Great Gatsby, Rock & Roll à la 50`s style or any other theme that strikes your fancy. The sky`s the limit this year. The funner and more engaging for your guests, the better. 2014 couples are thinking more and more about the guest`s enjoyment of the special occasion instead of just focusing on themselves to enhance the magic and fun factor on their special day.

Stay tuned next week as we explore the most popular color combinations of 2014 that will bring your special event to life this year….

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