Bulk Flowers & Arranged Wedding Bouquets


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We’ve delivered wedding flowers to over 10,000 brides!

We know you probably have questions, so...

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions...

How soon should I order flowers before my wedding?

  • Place your order as far in advance as you are able. While bulk flowers can sometimes be shipped last minute, pre-arranged wedding flower orders need to be placed 3 weeks before the delivery date.
  • You will be able to select a DELIVERY DATE for your flowers. You choose when you need to have your flowers actually arrive at your doorstep so you won’t be guessing about transit times.
  • For a Saturday wedding, select a delivery date on the Wednesday or Thursday beforehand (Some flowers should be delivered more in advance than others due to flower opening times. Refer to the guidelines on each flower page for exact delivery date recommendations).

Will my flowers stay fresh until my wedding day?

  • Our flowers are shipped grower-direct, straight from the fields and greenhouses where they are grown. In other words, these flowers are fresh!

What if something happens to my flowers during transport?

  • With our specially designed boxes and packaging, flower damage during shipping is basically a thing of the past. But, in the rare event that something happens, just notify us within 4 hours of receiving the flowers and we are still able to send you replacement flowers in plenty of time for your wedding day.