Bulk Flowers & Arranged Wedding Bouquets


Directly to the bride at wholesale prices with Free Shipping!

Wedding Flowers All in One Box

Wholesale bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and more!

Of all the many different types of wedding flowers that we offer, these wedding in a box packages are our favorite. Why? Because we love hearing the ecstatic feedback from happy brides when they receive their flowers and open the box. These bouquets are so beautiful, so fresh and so perfect that they are quite simply astounding!

To explain a little about our Wedding in a Box packages, these are field-fresh flowers that are custom made into bridal bouquets, centerpieces, boutonniere/corsages for each order. You just choose the design, flower color and number of pieces that you need and we cut the flowers from the fields, make the bouquets, and ship them to your doorstep so that you can just lift them out of their box and use them, ready-to-go, in your wedding.

Here’s a better description of the entire process:

  • You choose your bouquets, color and tell us when you need them to be delivered (we recommend delivery 2 days before your wedding)
  • We go get the flowers from the field
  • Our designers arrange the flowers into your chosen bouquet design, with ribbon ties and boutonniere pins, the works!
  • They put water tubes on the boutonnieres and corsages, and pack the ends of bouquet stems with enough moisture for their journey (we’ve got a secret simple trick that keeps them hydrated for days, shh!)
  • Our packers slot all of your arrangements into really neat-looking (well, at least to us) bouquet and boutonniere holders that fit perfectly into a specifically designed box with a double-reinforced outer shell. Its like Fort Knox in there!
  • FedEx picks up your order from us and ships it Priority Overnight to you
  • You open your Wedding in a Box box and get happy that you have gorgeous wedding flowers and have saved a ton of money (sometimes you even call to tell us that!).