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Sometimes our brides send us images of florist-created rose wedding bouquets to ask if we think that they would be able to create the bouquet themselves. And, resoundingly, the answer is always YES, YES, YES! All you need is our super fresh and beautiful wholesale roses, a simple design plan and just the tiniest bit of confidence. Because here's the thing with rose wedding bouquets...its pretty difficult to make a bouquet of roses not look its best. Especially when you are working with gold-quality roses flowers that are harvested especially for the wedding market (ie, they are light-years more beautiful than the plastic-sleeved bouquets at the market). Our wholesale roses are super easy to work with, cost effective and make gorgeous DIY wedding bouquets. Go for wholesale roses for all your wedding bouquets and centerpieces too. Now with Free Shipping! Please note: When ordering roses with a delivery date between February 1st and February 17th, pricing may vary from our listed prices due to Valentine's. Please contact us for the latest Valentine's deals.
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